August 3, 2013

My Favourite Face Mists

It's REALLY hot out and every time we go outdoors, our faces get all sweaty and dehydrated. Super unattractive and annoying! The solution? Face mists! They keep you refreshed and cool, calm, hydrate, replenish, and subside skin irritations. They are an instant pick-me-up! A fact I just discovered? They are used by makeup artists for setting makeup and getting dewy faces. 

Most mists come in small, light bottles that can be carried in your handbag to keep you refreshed all day. Go ahead and invest in this beauty product. It'll keep you cool and beautiful all summer! 

Here are a few of my favourites and tips on how to use them properly:

EVIAN's face mist has always been my favourite- it revives over-heated skin, 
removes perspiration, and keeps your makeup looking fresh throughout the day. 
This spray is the most natural one on the market and is the easiest to find

This mist is made from soothing, natural floral water sourced from Grasse in France. It smells DIVINE! 
It is alcohol free and the cooling blend is perfect for prepping skin before serums and creams, setting makeup, or refreshing skin all day. 

This refreshing mist helps to heal, rebalance, and hydrate dry skin. 
It is perfect for skin that has been exposed to the sun.
It's also La Mer - enough said! 

HOMEMADE Citrus Face Mist 
If the idea of spending money on a face mist seems over indulgent to you, you can easily make one at home. It is just as effective and probably more fresh than a store bought bottle.  
This mist should only be used to cool you down and not over your makeup.

TIPS for GETTING MORE out of your face mist:

  1. Store your bottle in the fridge so the mist is extra refreshing and cooling on your skin
  2. Let the mist sink into your skin for 2 minutes and then blot off the excess
  3. To get more out of your face cream, spray mist on your face and immediately put your face cream on top. The moisture from the cream will get locked in.
  4. Apply the mist over your makeup. It will remove the powdery feel and give you a healthy, dewy look. 
  5. Always hold the spray away from your face like in the pic above

Do you use a face mist? Which brand is your favourite?

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