August 29, 2013

Fabulous Ear Cuffs

Ever since the Punk Themed MET Gala in New York this past May, I knew that punk would be on trend for Fall/Winter! Ear cuffs are especially IN and are a lot of fun to wear. If the cuff is very embellished and large, I suggest only wearing it on one ear and putting a stud in the other or nothing at all (similar to Diane Kruger above). If they are smaller, then one in each ear will look fine. Stray out from your comfort zone and embrace this trend... It's new and would look really great with your hair tied up or in a braid. Enjoy!

Here are a few of my Favourite Picks:

RYAN STORRER Swarovski Crystal Earcuff (Link)

ZARA Rhinestone Earcuff (Link)

GENEVIEVE JONES Yellow Gold Earcuff (Link)
If you are looking for an earcuff that is more subtle and less flamboyant, this one is perfect.
It will make a statement but not a big bang!

Will you be wearing an earcuff this Fall??

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