August 7, 2013

Daytime Chic on your Eid Holidays

Eid holidays are starting tomorrow -Yay! Are you travelling anywhere special? What are you going to pack? I usually find it easier to pack whole outfits rather than putting lots of items into my luggage and then matching them on my trip. Here is some inspiration for what to pack for beach and city destinations to look chic during the day. Enjoy and Happy Packing! :)

Beach destinations are about lounging on the beach or pool with a great book, and friends or family for company. Don't be fooled though - people dress really nicely even when on the beach! Wear a great dress to go to the beach and wear it to lunch or to continue to beach parties (a la Ibiza or Mykonos). Wear a cool swimsuit and instead of a coverup, choose light linen pants or a long skirt. It's a nice twist and will get you lots of attention! Don't forget your sunscreen and a hat - the sun is strong out! 

I SWEAR by this oil spray which keeps my hair super soft and manageable after swimming. It also  protects my hair from UVA & UVB rays

City destinations are usually all about sightseeing, visiting museums and parks, eating out and of course shopping! Wear outfits that are comfortable and made of light materials. I highly recommend carrying a bag that is easy to carry and fits alot. The LAST thing you want is to lug around an uncomfortable, heavy bag! The Selma Bag by Michael Kors is a great option. It has been carried by lots of celebrities to run their daily errands this summer. (Click here for my post on the Selma Bag). 
Wear sunscreen, always keep well hydrated and take tons of pics! 


Stay Tuned for tomorrow's post where I will give tips on what to pack for Evening Glamour!

Which outfits did you prefer - beach or city chic?

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  1. Gorgeous pieces. Really love the Heidi Klein dress :-)

    We have some lovely beach-inspired pieces in our boutique helping women unleash their Mediterranean Goddess (as our boutique was "born" in the Med) Do take a peep.
    Have a lovely Eid holiday xx


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