August 6, 2013

Exclusive Summer Interview: Dr. Lamees Hamdan of Shiffa Skin Care


For this week's Exclusive Summer Interview, I sat down with Dr. Lamees Hamdan. She is the founder and creator of SHIFFA Skincare in Dubai, a company that sells award winning beauty products, and a mother of four young children. This summer, she will be travelling to four countries in four weeks. Read about her fabulous tips to packing light, the amazing SHIFFA products that she will be taking along, and great recommendations of things to do in Paris! 

Where will you be travelling this summer? 
Bodrum to spend Eid with my parents, our farm in France with my in laws, then Paris, then Forte Dei Marmi for a friend's wedding, Lake district in the U.K. and finally London for a friend's birthday party! It was supposed to be a boring summer - funny how things suddenly change!!

How long will you be staying?
4 weeks.

Any plans while there?
In Paris I go to a great Italian restaurant called Cibus on Rue Moliere, L'atelier de Joel Robuchon and  Jean Paul Hevin for chocolates. I love going to the marches for fresh food and flea markets. I will be visiting museums and my favourite, Institute de Monde Arabe. I will also be signing up for a walking tour of the 16eme Arrondissement for its Art Deco Buildings. 

Clockwise from top left: 

What will you be shopping for on your vacation?
I will not be doing any serious shopping - I don't like to shop when I am with my kids. I would rather be at a park, a museum, or EuroDisney. I have actually become an online shopper. With so little time, I don't have time to shop around! I love anything that can be customized or monogramed - they make great gifts :)

All of my family members have customized passport holders by Smythson
(These are ABSOLUTELY Fabulous!)

Who will you be travelling with?
Summer is all about family.

What will you pack in your suitcase?
I usually pack very, very light! It's challenging because on this trip I will be on a farm, in a major stylish city with sightseeing and fancy dinners at night, and at a wedding! I will only take 2 bags: one for day and a clutch for evenings and a cashmere lined rain jacket from Loro Piana. 

I will be packing a pair of nude heels by Michel Perry
Chanel jelly slippers

I always pack everything into Victorinox rolled duffle bags (Link)
Never black or red as they are too common 

Summer Dresses:
I love Bottega Venetta for dinners 
Marni works for both daytime and evenings out with heels

What are your summer beauty essentials?
In the summer you need great skin, because makeup is so minimal. I use a Shiffa cleanser, moisturizer, and body lotion and sheer lipstick by Bobbi Brown.

What do you usually put in your carryon?
My shawl, Vitamin C effervescent tablets, and air popped popcorn to munch on during movies. I always hydrate with chamomile tea, roobois tea, and water during and after my flight. 

I use Shiffa Healing Balm (Link) on the flight on my hands, face, under my eyes, and on my lips.
 It hydrates, removes puffiness, makes my skin glow, and smells divine!
I always carry a small vial of Aya perfume

Any travel tips?
Travel light and enjoy life :)

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  1. Fabulous interview. I have never heard of this range (as I live outside Dubai) but reading about the brand (on her site) and how she overcame being in a male-dominated business environment was very inspiring.

    1. Thanks Vanessa! Yes Dr. Lamees is a very inspiring woman, and extremely down to earth despite all of her accomplishments :)


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