April 4, 2013

Up Close & Personal: Lana Khoury from Daloo3a.co.uk

I recently came across an online store based out of London that sells really cute stuff that you won't find anywhere else, www.Daloo3a.co.uk It sells clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and homeware that have been handpicked with care. The BEST part about it is that though the items sold are luxury one of a kind pieces, they are very affordable! They also ship all around the world so its perfect for those of us not living in London. I contacted the owner behind the website for an interview and was pleasantly surprised that she was an young Arab girl in her 20's absolutely in love with fashion. I sat down with Lana Khoury and asked her a few questions.... 

Tell me a little about Daloo3a.co.uk?
Daloo3a is an E-Boutique based out of the U.K. which sells high quality fashion at affordable prices to women all over the world. We launched very recently, in January 2013, and have since received a great response from customers and the media in the U.K. 
We sell pieces by designers who are mainly up and coming,  trendy, innovative and who have an individual sense of style. You will always find really interesting, high quality pieces on Daloo3a that you won't find anywhere else at a really great price. 

How did you come up with the name?
Daloo3a is an arabic word that means 'spoiled but in a cute way'. We actually didn't need to think too hard to come up with the name! We believe that women deserve to be spoiled and the amazing products and clothes that we sell will definitely do that. 
Daloo3a is an Arabic word - are your customers mostly Arabs from the Middle East?
Our customer is a typical Daloo3a and you can find her all over the world: in the UK, Asia, Turkey, USA, and the Middle East. We are not just an online fashion destination but a lifestyle that we hope to spread to women around the world who love fashion. 

What are some of your favourite pieces sold on the website?
We sell an eclectic mix of items which range from clothes to bags to accessories and homewear. These are just a few of the pieces I love:

(I'm OBSESSED with this T-shirt! I am def buying it for the gym!)

(These bags come in many colours with different names of countries: Palestine, U.A.E, Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Jordan) 

How do you choose which designers and items to sell? 
We hand pick the designers which will be featured on Daloo3a. Our buyers visit various fashion events and boutiques throughout many counties, and shows at London Fashion Week. We then select a few items from the collections of the brands and designers that caught our attention. We look for up and coming and trendy designers and give them a unique opportunity to showcase their collection to the world through our online boutique. 
Do you ship around the world? What is your shipping policy?
Of course! We ship all over the world and our UK shipping is FREE.

     Check out www.Daloo3a.co.uk for some really cool show stopping items that will get you noticed! :)

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