April 28, 2013

REPLAY Launch at Dubai Mall

As you have read on my blog before, I was chosen as a Brand Ambassador for the launch party of REPLAY last week (Read my post here for a recap). REPLAY is a denim brand for men and women selling all kinds of denim cuts under the sun- I can guarantee that you can find the perfect cut and fit for your body at this store. They also sell t-shirts, shorts, shoes, hats, bags, denim jackets and basically anything you would wear during the day to look really funky and stand out from the crowd. 
 The way clothes are displayed in the store is really cool with denim on bookshelves, rolled up or folded, and tables of original outfits to choose from

 The models and I - all of us in REPLAY clothes

ALL the bloggers and I were dressed in REPLAY. 
I was very impressed how differently each of us styled our outfits- thats the thing with this brand, it suits all body types and styles because you can do whatever u like with it and STILL look good! 
 The event was really fun- they took pics of everyone outside on the 'red carpet' and posted them on a board inside the store. The board will remain in the store for a few months

 REPLAY is located in 'THE VILLAGE' - a section of Dubai Mall right infront of the ice rink - and it houses denim stores and casual wear like Lacoste, Adidas, and Fasconnable. 
I was surprised that I had never visited it before! 

The Village is in a different style to the rest of Dubai Mall and has a very cosy vibe. I especially love the jeans hanging on a line from the ceiling! 

Have you visited the REPLAY store at THE VILLAGE yet? 


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