April 22, 2013

Cross Body Bags

Diane Kruger at Coachella carrying a Dolce & Gabbana Cross Body Bag
(Source: www.purseblog.com)

With the COACHELLA MUSIC FESTIVAL in Palm Springs in full swing, I got inspired by all of the celebrities who were carrying cross-body bags. The beauty of these bags is that they are small enough to hold your necessities and comfortable enough to be carried for long periods of time. Last summer, I bought a small Chanel cross body bag and carried it every single day and night while in Mykonos. 

They are perfect for the summer when you are running around and can't be bothered to lug around a huge tote or shoulder bag. At beach destinations, I simply put my cross-body bag in my beach bag and just take it out when I'm going for lunch or shopping. It is also my go-to bag for concerts as it is light and very convenient. 

1) Make sure your cross body bag isn't too big or it will hit your hip when you walk
2) Get one big enough to at least fit your phone. 
The last thing you want is to carry your phone in your hand all day long!
3) It won'f fit a wallet so only put your credit cards, ID, and some cash in the inside pocket or in a cute credit card holder

Here are a few of my favourite cross-body bags for Summer 2013

This bag is absolutely ADORABLE and comes in green and black

This is the PERFECT summer bag!

Which of these bags is your favourite?

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