April 21, 2013

Qasr Al Sarab - a STUNNING Desert Retreat

Living in a bustling city, it is easy to forget that just two hours away is untouched, completely natural desert. This weekend, we celebrated a friend's birthday at the beautiful Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort in Liwa (Western Region of Abu Dhabi). The hotel is built to resemble an old fortress and is surrounded by nothing but miles and miles of sand dunes. It is one of the most tranquil places I have ever been to and and is the perfect retreat for anyone looking to clear their mind.

The resort is run by Anatara and has many rooms that spawn over a large area of sand dunes dotted with palm trees. We found our rooms to be very spacious, clean, and comfortable. I highly recommend staying in a room with a terrace as the view of the sunset over the dunes is breathtaking. You feel you are in a postcard!

Qasr Al Sarab is very authentic and everything is traditional and Arabian

There are many restaurants to choose from: during the day we ate at the pool bar or at the buffet restaurant, and at night we dined under the stars at an Arabian-style tent. I personally didn't find the food to be so great but there was lots of choice for our weekend stay.

The hotel is surrounded by never-ending sand dunes

We spent the day lounging and tanning by the pool, climbed a huge sand dune at sunset and dined under the stars Bedouin-style at night. Resorts like these tend to get boring at night, but there was an extensive list of movies to watch and games to play. We passed the time playing a VERY loud game of Pictionary! 

There are plenty of activities to choose from- we chose to trek up this HUGE sand dune

Overall, if you are looking for a mini- vacation- this is the place to go. You can swim, tan, and choose from many activities. It's BEYOND beautiful and very tranquil.

For more information about Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort, CLICK HERE


  1. Gosh i need to visit UAE....dubai or abu dhabi. Amazing resort.


  2. That is a nice hotel. And I really like the location, lots of sand.

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