April 26, 2013

Opening Party of the Chanel Little Black Jacket Exhibition

Last night I attended the launch party for the Chanel Little Black Jacket Exhibition in Dubai. (For my post on the exhibition in London with close up pics, CLICK HERE). All I can say is WOW! I have never attended an opening like that in my life- but then again, its CHANEL, so it can only be the best! 

The Exhibition is held in a very impressive HUGE black box in front of Burj Khalifa - the tallest building in the world

All of the photos are hanging in a large room. They are pictures of celebrities, muses, singers, and friends of Karl Lagerfeld that he photographed wearing the iconic black jacket. Each of the pictures is incredible and invokes a strong feeling inside- I felt it all over again even though I have seen them before!

The beautiful Charlotte Casiraghi in her Black Jacket

We were then ushered into another black box but this time with millions of lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling and were given a surprise LIVE PERFORMANCE by Rita Ora!! It was unreal! She sang for about an hour clad in many different Chanel outfits. It turned into a full-out party with very yummy nibbles like sushi and mini burgers and champagne, and tons of people dancing and mingling. 

In the centre of the exhibit, there is a plastic case of LITTLE BLACK JACKET 
Coffee Table books signed by Mr. Lagerfeld
It is such a simple concept but yet looks so cool!  

All of the guests brought out their CHANEL for the evening (clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery) and they all looked absolutely amazing. Every single person styled the brand in their own way and I realized how versatile CHANEL is. Dress it up, dress is down, mix it with high street brands and it will STILL look special and timeless- so worth the investment! 

I bumped into the lovely Chanel Muses, Sama & Haya Abu Khadra
Theirs is one of the photos in the exhibition 
(Lucky them!)

Even if you don't love Chanel, the pictures are absolutely incredible and you should really make the time to see the exhibition...

The Little Black Jacket Exhibition will be held from April 27 to May 11 from 11 AM to 9 PM

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