April 19, 2013

Do YOU think you're BEAUTIFUL??

Today I'm posting an issue that really touched my heart and invoked a very strong feeling inside of me. I thought you might find it interesting as well :)

I found a video that DOVE released a few days ago that has already been viewed over 7 MILLION times. Women are their own worst beauty critics and it turns out that ONLY 4% of women around the world see themselves as beautiful. I find that number shocking because all the women around me are beautiful in their own way! Each person has something about their looks and personality that is stunning - it makes us unique and different from one another.

To prove this fact, DOVE conducted a social experiment to compare how we see ourselves versus  what others see. It is a beautiful video that is worth watching... 

Watch the Video Here:

Unfortunately, despite all the beautiful clothes, shoes, and beauty products that we buy to make ourselves FEEL beautiful - all we really see in the mirror are our flaws
What we don't realize is that others don't see them. 
You are A LOT more beautiful than you think! 

How did the DOVE video make you feel?

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