March 8, 2013

Year of the SNAKE

I have always gravitated towards jewellery with snakes on them- I find them very eye-catching. Lucky for me, according to the Chinese Zodiac, 2013 is the Year of the Snake!! The Fashion World has followed suit and you'll find snake and python covered jewellery, bags, shoes, accessories and clothes everywhere! The choices are endless but here are a few of my favorite snake inspired accessories:

I'm OBSESSED! with these zircon snake teardrops- they are SO pretty and only cost $200 :)

 These earrings are very original- Adam & Eve on one ear and the Snake on the other!
N2 EARRINGS (link)

I LOVE wearing rings on my pinkie finger and this snake one will wrap your small finger in fabulousness!

If you want to SPLURGE, Greek designer ILEANA MAKRI makes stunning snake pieces

If Snake jewellery isn't really your thing, then you can go for python covered sunglasses

These TOPSHOP ones are also super cool and much cheaper!

I hope you have a great snake-inspired year! 

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