March 3, 2013

Shake Shack at Delma Mall

The meal that I most look forward to having when I go to New York City is Shake Shack (link) in Madison Square Park.  For those of you unfamiliar with Shake Shack, it is a gourmet burger chain based out of New York that is owned by a top chef. It serves beef and and veggie burgers, hotdogs, fries ice-creams and shakes. They also serve something called a 'conrete' which I imagine to be a super thick shake that feels like concrete in your stomach!
What makes it so special and so different than all other burger chains is that most Shake Shacks are literally 'shacks' in parks. It is also so delicious that people queue for HOURS to place their order; I have personally waited for 1.5 hours! The burgers are made of gourmet ingredients and are the softest and yummiest I have ever had, and the fries are to die for! These burgers can't be compared to crappy and unhealthy fast food!

Shake Shack in Madison Square Park, NYC

The first international Shake Shack to open outside of the U.S  was at Mall of the Emirates in Dubai in 2011. I was really happy when they opened a branch in Abu Dhabi last December- Yay! It is located in Delma Mall in Mussafah and the restaurant is quite big with huge glass windows and tons of seating. The menu is the same as the one in NYC and the burgers don't disappoint!

 Shake Shack in Delma Mall- a lot more than a shack!
 The menu is on a huge wall at the entrance and there is always a special shake for the week
You wait till your red buzzer starts vibrating and 
then you pick up your tray at the window. 
The queues are A LOT shorter than other branches so the maximum wait time is only
 15 minutes
 Typical burgers and fries- they taste exactly the same in Abu Dhabi as in NYC!

 The restaurant is very bright and airy and has tons of seating

A hotdog and burger
On the wall are pictures of other branches

While I still prefer the authentic feeling of eating my burger in the park under a string of lights, when it comes to the food, the branches in the U.A.E offer the same choices and same great taste.  
Shake Shack is located to the left of the main entrance at Delma Mall in Mussafah. For opening hours and location details click here.  It is SO worth the drive! Enjoy :)

Have you tried Shake Shack in the U.A.E? What did you think?

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