March 17, 2013

Mini Me Collections for Kids!

This post is for all the designer-loving, clothes-obsessed fashionistas out there who have mini fashionista sons and daughters... you know who you are! (I'm not judging- I will DEFINITELY be falling into your category when the time comes!)

Children's clothing used to be practical and mostly inexpensive because the idea was that kids grow out of their clothes fast and always get them dirty. They were made of materials that are easy to wash and don't wrinkle. All kids needed were a few nice outfits for special occasions. THEN, designers decided that if the parents look fashionable and amazing all the time, then why shouldn't their kids as well? Half the size and double the cuteness! Unfortunately, the prices are quite high. 

Fall/winter Collection for Dolce & Gabanna -
 mommy version on the left, kiddy version on the right

Last season, Dolce & Gabanna introduced mini clothes for children, very similar to the outfits designed for adults (read my post HERE). Now it seems that many fashion brands have followed suit. They are launching mini-me collections with the MOST ADORABLE clothes for the little ones to look like their mommys and daddys.

Here are a few of my favourite picks from online shopping website Alex and Alexa (link here)...

Mommy can carry the ones from the Cambridge Satchel Company and Mini -me can carry one from Zatchels!

The much coveted ASH shoes in a mini-me version

These are 'impact resistant' so they are more durable than regular Ray Bans

I bought these for myself last summer!

What will YOUR mini-me's be wearing this season? 

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