March 15, 2013

Creative & Interesting RINGS!

Last season, it was ALL about Huge Statement Rings (read my post here) and everyone was spotted wearing large rings on their index fingers. This season, rings are more subtle but ALOT more Interesting!  There are knuckle rings which cover your finger completely, others that stretch out across all your fingers, double finger rings that you slide into two fingers, rings that link two ends with a chain, other half moons with two different ends that sit in between your fingers, rings that cover your nail! etc. The list is ENDLESS

Stack them, link them, cover all your fingers with them - the choice is yours. Just choose the style you like best and get creative! :)


What could be cuter than the word 'LOVE' displayed across your fingers? 

This ring is very interesting- it covers your nail and then wraps around the top of your finger

Will you be getting creative with your rings this season? 

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