July 10, 2013

Ramadan Kaftans by Tamara Al Gabbani

RAMADAN KAREEM everyone! I hope your Ramadan this year is filled with lots of family gatherings, plenty of love, and great outfits :)

I recently discovered Dubai-based Tamara Al Gabbani. She is a TV presenter, an Emirates Woman of the Year Nominee, a Pepsi Arabia Influencer, and the designer behind her own brand. The Tamara Al Gabbani brand (Link) comprises beautiful goddess inspired evening gowns, jalabiyas, and abayas. Her collection is so stunning that she wore one of her designs to the Cannes Film Festival and got awarded Best Dressed at Cannes Film Festival. Isn't that something?! 

For her collection ArabiAna Collection 2013, she took inspiration from Islamic Art and combined it with Modern Patterns. The end result is a beautiful modern take on the traditional jalabiya. I find these flowing Kaftans and Jalabiyas to be PERFECT for Ramadan Iftars and Suhoors. They are so comfortable and super stylish at the same time! 

Each of these jalabiyas/kaftans costs AED 1900 and can be ordered directly from info@tamaraalgabbani.com 

I wish you all a very stylish Ramadan! :)

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