July 29, 2013

Obsession Alert: Lancome Gloss In Love

I have a new beauty obsession that I HAVE to share with you - Lancome In Love Lip glosses (Link)! They are a special summer collection for 2013. They come in 12 majorly addictive colors, are non-sticky, super glossy, super moisturizing, and super soft on the lips. Their colors are so rich that you don't need to apply lipstick - two coats and you have a perfect, shiny pout. They are also infused with a soft fruity-vanilla scent so they even taste good! 

The Lipgloss has a push-button so there is no need to twist open the cap 
Unlink other glosses, lipgoss doesn't melt on the cap (even after leaving it in the sun)

My favourite perk? While the shine goes after you eat and drink, the color stays on your lips for a LONG time. These glosses have become my ultimate favourite summer beauty essential this year. I'm SO OBSESSED that I have a tube in my beach bag, one in my day bag, and one in my  car just in case! 

Wearing my Gloss in Love in 385 - Under the Spotlight 
Look how glossy my lips are! 

Which shade is your favourite? 

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