July 23, 2013

EXCLUSIVE Summer Interview: Celebrity Manicurist Ashlie Johnson

One of my biggest beauty dilemmas during my summer vacations has always been my nails. It is really difficult to find a decent nail parlour in Europe that does as good a job as the ones I am used to in the U.A.E. I always wondered how women keep their manis and pedis looking fresh throughout the summer, especially on beach holidays with all the salt and chlorine! 

For this week's Exclusive Summer Interview, I sat down with Chanel Celebrity Manicurist Ashlie Johnson (Link). She counts Gwyneth Paltrow, Eva Mendes, Kate Hudson, and Jessica Alba as clients and does their nails for events and photoshoots. We discussed travelling to beautiful Costa Rica and the products she uses to prolong her manis and pedis. Enjoy :)

Where will you be travelling this summer?
Costa Rica. I've always wanted to visit the rain forest and practice my surfing. It's meant to be the ideal spot. 

Rio Celeste waterfall in Costa Rica's tropical rainforest  
(Source: www.cardelmar.co.uk)

How long will you be staying?
Two weeks

Any plans while there?
I don't think there is much shopping to do in the jungle! I'll mostly be in the water or hopefully exploring the jungle animals and taking photos. I'm not aware of any 'hot-spots' or places to dine at, so meals will be very low key. Fresh and healthy.

If you find shops, what will you be shopping for?
I love to find awesome local jewellery when I go on vacations. It is easy to travel back with them and they make unique gifts for friends. 

Wooden Costa Rican Jewellery

Who will you be travelling with?
I'm going with a great girlfriend of mine who turned me onto paddle boarding last summer. But then we got the bug to surf this summer! There are some great surf camps in Costa Rica so we are hoping to get better :)

Do you usually pack heavy or light?
I went to Paris for my first time in May and I packed heavy but for a beach vacation, I pack light. All you need are swimsuits, coverups, and flipflops. That's what I love about the beach.

What will you pack in your suitcase?
I will pack one swimsuit for each day I'm there. I love to collect them so I have a lot! Light dresses that can work day or night, Ancient Greek sandals, Havaiana Flip flops, some cool necklaces, and definitely my camera. 

Beach Vacation Essentials: (Clockwise from Top Left) 

What are your summer beauty essentials?
SUNSCREEN! It's a must- I have light freckled skin and blond hair so I tend to burn. I also pack a big hat to block out the sun. I also can't live without my Sheila Stotts hair brush- nothing will get through the knots without damaging my hair. I also pack L'oreal's Nature Therapy Moisture Conditioner. I have tried every conditioner UNDER THE SUN and this is the only one that leaves my hair shiny and soft even after being in the salt water. 

Any tips for extending your Manicure and Pedicure in the summer?
I always pack a nail file and Top Coat. If you chip a nail, file it with your nail file and then apply a top coat every 2 to 3 days to keep your polish perfect. I also bring along Dr. Hauschka's Neem nail oil pen. It is a spill-proof way to travel with your nail oil. Apply this each night to keep your nails and skin hydrated. 

What's your preferred nail polish color this summer?
Chanel's Azure polish for summer- it looks just like the reflection of the sea!
CHANEL Azure Nailpolish 

Any Travel Tips?
Always make sure that whatever you pack, you can carry yourself. There is nothing worse than not being able to get your bag on a plane or train when in a mad rush. Also, keep your travel info and documents in an easy access compartment in your bag. You don't want to waste time searching for things like your passport! 

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