July 4, 2013

Cleansing Shampoo: The ESSENTIAL summer product we overlook

Do you ever notice that in the summer, your hair doesn't look as great as it usually does? Fine hair looks limp and lacks volume, and curly hair has frizz in place of curls. We all think it's because of heat and humidity but that is only PART of the problem. So we go out and buy all sorts of products for frizz, heat, volume, etc. 

The MAIN culprit of bad summer hair is the build-up of stuff in your hair. Chlorine, hair oils that you spray on your hair in the sun, spray, hair products, wax, salt, mineral deposits from shower water - they all build up in your hair over time. The only way to get them out it to detox your scalp and clean it as you would your face during a facial.
This one is my personal favourite- I love all hair products by FEKKAI
If you live in the U.A.E, you can find it at all FACES stores, and Bloomingdales

How to use cleansing shampoo
1) DON'T use it everyday or you will dry out your hair & strip it of the essential oils it needs to look healthy. You will also ruin your highlights and hair color
2) Once a week, replace your regular shampoo with cleansing shampoo
3) Apply a dime sized amount from your roots to your ends. It will not lather like regular shampoo
4) Wash it out
5) Apply another dime sized amount and massage it well into your scalp and spread throughout your hair. The more your massage it in, the more you loosen the build up of products in your hair
6) Leave it for 2 minutes then wash it out
7) Apply your regular conditioner and rinse out well 

Here are some of my picks of clarifying shampoos 

This shampoo removes copper, iron,  hard water minerals, and product build-up from 
all hair types
It Purifies, refreshes, and leaves hair shiny
(From my research, this seems to be the preferred clarifying shampoo world-wide)

This is the best clarifying shampoo for fine hair
It cleanses and gives volume to limp locks 

This is a lightweight formula for all hair types
Leaves hair looking very clean, healthy, and full

Gently cleanses and has a hypoallergenic formula
If you choose this option, cleanse your hair twice a week as it is lighter than the others  

After using a Clarifying Shampoo, you will notice your hair feels cleaner, lighter and healthier
I've been using it every summer for the past few years, and I have noticed a SIGNIFICANT difference to my hair 

Are there any Clarifying Shampoos you love to use?

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  1. Kérastase dermo-calm is a scalp smoothing shampoo not a cleasing one.


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