July 16, 2013

EXCLUSIVE Summer Interview: Celebrity HairStylist Jen Atkin

It's no secret that celebrities look better than the rest of us and spend a big portion of their time travelling. Ever wonder how they stay looking so amazing? Who better than to ask their team of beauty stylists how to look fabulous while travelling? They are constantly jetting from one celebrity, photo shoot, and job to the next and have all the answers! :)

This week's Exclusive Summer Interview is with celebrity Hairstylist Jen Atkin who works for the Wall Group in LA and NYC (Link). She is responsible for the amazing hairstyles of the who's who in Hollywood for every single awards show and event. She counts Sophia Vergara, the Kardashians, and Jessica Alba as not only her clients, but close friends. We discussed her travel beauty essentials and how she arrives to her destinations looking fresh and rested!

Where will you be travelling this summer?
Bali at the end of Summer. My boyfriend Mike Rosenthal is a photographer and will be working on Top Model Asia. I want to go visit :)

How long will you be staying?
One week

Any Plans while there?
Lots of sleeping, working out (I'm an LA girl), Reading Grace Coddington's book (Creative Director of American Vogue), Mindy Kaling's book, and cleansing. I don't like to eat alot on vacation because it helps with the jetlag.

What will you shop for?
Only flip flips and hats! I usually shop in LA, NYC, or Miami while I'm there for work. I need a vacation from shopping!!

Who will you be travelling with? Friends or family?
Just me and my man :)

Do you usually pack heavy or light?
We went to Croatia, Greece, and Italy last summer and I packed so light you wouldn't believe it! I never travel without my Rimowa Suitcases.

What will you pack in your suitcase?
Lots of Bikinis! Believe it or not, but I actually like to wear a lot of my clients' lines. Charlotte Ronson, Sofia Vergara for KMART workout gear, Kardashian Kollection dresses, shoes and accessories by Rachel Zoe, and ALC EVERYTHING!

From Left:
What are your beauty essentials?

What will you pack in your carryon on the flight?
I have a whole flight beauty regime as I fly so often. I start with my By Terry Rose Baume to nourish and regenerate my lips, then an SK-II Face mask to keep me hydrated, my Sephora Cuticle Pen to hydrate my nails, and eye mask. Before I land, I use a SkinCeutical B5 Complex all over my face to give me a glow. 

Clockwise from Top Left: 

Any Travel Tips?
If you can help it, don't eat on the plane. Plane food is so full of sodium that it makes you bloated. Bring your own food, like a packet of oatmeal if possible. I swear by Donoryml sleeping pills which I buy in Paris pharmacies. They help me sleep every flight and get on the time zone of wherever I have landed. A workout always helps me to fight jet lag. 

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  1. Lovely interview. I love knowing what cosmetics etc people pack .I always pick up some great recommendations.


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