July 2, 2013

Exclusive Summer Interview: Zayan Ghandour of Zayan the Label

This summer, I have a VERY special treat for my readers- exclusive interviews EVERY Tuesday with hot Middle Eastern designers, an Interior stylist, a celebrity hairstylist, and beauty experts. They will be sharing with you their travel plans this summer, what they will be packing, and travel tips. After all, who better than the pros to advise us on travelling fashionably and giving us inspiration for our summer ahead!

To start off these exciting chain of interviews, I interviewed the FABULOUS Zayan Ghandour.  She is the Co-founder, Head Buyer, and Creative Director of S*uce, the most successful and funky boutique in the U.A.E, and also the designer of her own brand Zayan the Label (Link).  Step into her world as we discuss travelling to the U.S. this summer and beauty secrets by Kate Moss that she SWEARS by! 

Where will you be travelling this summer?
To the U.S - Virginia, NYC, and the Hamptons and any other destination we decide to visit on impulse. I love travelling to the U.S. because I can hop from one state to the other, relax, have fun and recharge!

How long will you be staying?
One month and a half

Any plans while there?
Gardening, Horse-back riding, feeding farm animals, and taking in as much of the gorgeous nature in the Appellation mountains as possible. 

What will you be shopping for? Visiting any shops in particular?
I will be shopping for inspiration everywhere and in every place I stop. I will also be going to the New York Gift Show where I will be buying great items for our S*uce Gifts Store (Link) and other new stores opening soon. (#watchthisspace)

Who will you be travelling with? Friends or Family?
With my husband and my daughters and we will be meeting friends along the way.

Do you usually pack heavy or light? 
Heavy! Who doesn't really?!

What will you pack in our suitcase?
Tons of flouncy tunics and comfortable heels.

What are your summer beauty essentials?
I never go without my La Praire moisturizer SPF 15. I SWEAR by Kate Moss's beauty rule: dip your face in a basin filled with ice water (mix tap water with lots of ice cubes and sprinkle in some rose water). It is an instant home-made face lift especially in summer when it is hot and your face needs a quick "pick-me-up". 

What will you pack in your carryon?
Sound-eliminating head phones, Elizabeth Arden eight-hour cream which I apply every hour to hydrate my skin, and lots of magazines.

Any travel tips?
Don't forget your earplugs, adaptors, and small and medium sized pouches to store the knickknacks you will end up buying over the summer. That's the only way you will find the stuff you bought and use it when you're back home! :)

Funky Pouches at S*uce to store all your new small purchases 

Find Zayan the Label at all S*uce stores &
 on the website HERE 

Stay Tuned next Tuesday for my Exclusive interview with Victoria Waller- Harpers Bazaar Interiors' Food & Interiors stylist. We will be discussing how she travels with two young kids in tow! 

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