July 9, 2013

Exclusive Summer Interview: Victoria Waller of Harpers Bazaar Interiors

For this week's Exclusive Summer Interview, I was lucky enough to sit down with Victoria Waller. She is a super talented Freelance Interiors & Food Stylist who works for Harper's Bazaar Interiors. You know all those really cool houses in the magazine that make your jaw drop? Well, for each photo shoot, she is THE person who goes in and makes everything pretty and picture-perfect!  Who better than her to ask for tips on travelling?! 

Read about her trip to London this summer with two young boys below the age of 4 and see how she makes her vacation kid-friendly! She also shares great tips of what to see, where to shop, and where to dine! Enjoy  :)

Where will you be travelling this summer?

How long will you be staying?
One week

Who will you be travelling with?
My little boys Archie who is 3.5 years old and Theo who is 18 months old

Any plans while there?
Shopping: Wholefoods Market for healthy snacks on the go and loads of organic products that we cannot find in the U.A.E

Sightseeing: It will all revolve around my kids. The Science Museum, Natural History Museum, Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, and lots of time in Hyde Park

Dining: Ffionas (Link Here) for amazing modern British food, Osteria Basilico (Link Here) for delicious rustic Italian food, Disney Cafe at Harrods for the kids (Link Here)

The Disney Cafe at Harrods

Where will you shop?
My favourite stores in London are Liberty for their homewares and Nike Town for cool trainers

Do you usually pack heavy or light?
With little people you need daily outfit changes which makes for a heavy suitcase!

What will you pack in your suitcase?
I am a jeans person so casual denim for daytime and then dressy jeans with a jacket for evenings out. Heels are not practical in London as you walk everywhere so only flats and trainers.

What are your summer beauty essentials?
I swear by drinking lots of water. I stay out of the sun and use Dove Summer Glow for a healthy tan option. I also love my MAC Candy Yum Yum (matte pink) lipstick for a big lip statement on nights out.

Tory's Beauty Essentials: 

What do you usually pack in your carryon for the fight?
My comfy cashmere cardigan, sticker books and toys for the kids. Home-made sandwiches are always a winner!

Any travel tips?
Travelling with kids is hard. Get lots of sleep the night before and try to minimize waiting around the airport by leaving just enough time to make that final boarding call! 

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