February 13, 2013

My Favourite Things for Valentines Day

With Valentines Day just around the corner, I have been researching all week for items to make this day memorable. I always used to hate V-Day growing up - especially those years when I didn't have anyone to share it with! All my girlfriends around me would receive flowers and cards and sometimes, I would get nothing at all. For those of you who are alone this year - don't wait around for someone to make you feel special. Instead spend the day celebrating YOU! 

If you are spending it with your significant other, trying to impress a new man, going out with a group of friends, or simply staying in solo and watching your favourite movie- make it special. Wear something red or pink or better yet, covered in hearts! Indulge in your favourite desserts and don't hold back and just love yourself for the day.  It's a day filled with love so we should all be able to enjoy it :)

Here are a few of my favourite things for Valentines
(Click on the names below the pics to be directed to their respective websites)

Macaroons from LaDuree in their limited edition heart gift box

Hersheys Kisses 

YUMMY Russian tea cookies in a beautiful jar with a white balloon 
at S*uce

A bouquet of white roses- so much more chic than red roses!

Enjoy your Valentines Day Ladies! :)

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