February 27, 2013

Fabulous Oscar Party!

The red carpet with a huge Oscar statue to greet us at the door

On Monday night, I was invited to a FABULOUS Oscars themed party. It was one of those events where the host went ALL OUT with re-creating an Oscar theme for her guests and so much thought was put into every single detail. I hadn't had that much fun in ages and decided that I had to share my experience with you all!

The Academy Awards were playing on a huge projector throughout the night and we watched snippets of speeches and performances. Adorning all the walls were picture reels of our photos against the Oscar wall and there were miniature Oscar statues all around the house. On the floor, the host re-created Hollywood Boulevard with all our names in stars. There were 30 of us so thats a lot of stars! The buffet table had a huge inflatable Oscar statue on it and in one of the corners was a Director's chair with big movie lights behind it.

We each had our picture taken in front of the Academy Awards wall

 Hollywood Boulevard was re-created with all our names in stars on the ground

The guests were divided into three teams - Screen Actors Guild, BAFTAs, and Academy Awards and we played movie-themed games throughout the night. Crazy, loud and FUN games!
  • A star with an Actor or Actress's name was stuck on our backs and we had to guess who they were, asking yes/no questions. Mine was Robbert Patterson - I'm Obsessed with him!
  • Dresses from Oscar ceremonies dated back from the 1980s were shown to us and we had to guess within a second who the celebrity was. Each team had a horn and had to buzz when they knew the answer. 30 women screaming out answers- just imagine how intense this game was!
  • Each team was given a song from Mama Mia and we had to sing and act it out. We were only given 15 minutes to create our dance and the end results were hilarious
  • The hardest game of the night was having to create dresses for two barbies using a sewing kit, scissors, a bunch of mismatched material and pins. My team won this game!
  • We had to give an Oscar speech using unrelated words like "monkey, east, skydiving, teeth"- just imagine the speeches haha
  • The night before the party, we had to send the host our guesses for the Oscar winners. The winner won a really cool film book

 One of the games we played was to make dresses for two barbies in under 20 minutes using material, scissors, a sewing kit and pins. Our barbies won (top right), woohoo!! 
I realized that it's important to know how to sew after that whole experience!
 The winning team won buckets filled with candy, popcorn, and one of the nominated movies of the year

 And the winner of the night was Joelle for guessing the winners of all the Oscar categories! 
Congrats! :)
She won a fabulous film book

That night was the MOST fun I've ever had watching the Oscars!

How did you watch the Oscars this year- anything special?

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