February 22, 2013

La Duree Dowtown Beirut

You know how sometimes you enter a place and it has such positive energy that it makes you happy? I felt that way in the La Duree store in Downtown Beirut. It is a small store, with the walls covered in blue, pink and green tins and boxes. Hanging from the ceiling are antique chandeliers, and the store is made up in mahogany and rich velvet furnishings. The best part about the store are the fresh macaroons displayed in the glass cases, they are mouthwatering! In general, the vibe is so happy, relaxed and inviting, that you leave with a smile on your face. Next time you are in Beirut, I HIGHLY recommend you visit - if not for the macaroons then for the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from just being inside :)
They sold these cute boxes for the occasion of Valentine's Day 
One word: YUMM!!!

Are there any stores in particular that make you happy?

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