February 20, 2013

Denim Guide for Spring/Summer 2013

Jeans never seem to go out of fashion and they are the most items in my wardrobe that I wear. They are perfect for running errands during the day, having afternoon coffees, or paired with a nice top and heels at night. I'm not talking about the Levis 501 variety! Denim has come a LONG way from those days where they were oversized, baggy and just plain blah. Now there are a million different cuts, washes and brands so everyone can find their perfect pair. 

Unfortunately, like everything else in fashion, denim trends change every season. Here is a guide for Spring/Summer to keep you looking fashionable and fabulous! The main trend is cropped so I suggest buying killer heels because they will be a focal point of your look! 

P.S. Click on any of the names and links under the pictures to be redirected to the websites from which these jeans can be purchased or better viewed

Happy Shopping Ladies! :)

Two Tone jeans are HUGE this season! 
To be completely on trend make sure they are skinny and cropped
Clockwise from top left: 

Boyfriend Jeans are jeans that are rolled up on the bottom and stop at your ankles. They have been IN for a while but this season they are ripped and come in many different colours. I find that they are not super flattering on shorter girls (they tend to make us shorter and bulkier) so wear them with heels or wedges to look amazing!
Clockwise from top left: 

Pastels are having a comeback this season and jeans are available in every single colour under the sun! Just a piece of advice: I tried on a pair of yellow jeans and you could see through to all the flaws on my thighs! Buy a thicker jean to avoid this :)
Coloured jeans will look good with neutral tops and simple black or beige shoes
Clockwise from top left: 

The 60s are back and printed and embellished jeans are the newest trend to hit the market. 
Be as creative as you like with these! 
Clockwise from top left:

Which trend of jeans do you think you will be wearing this season?

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