February 25, 2013

Major eyelash curl by Diorshow Iconic Overcurl

I discovered a while ago that the only mascaras that I like are the ones from Christian Dior. I have black lashes and need a mascara that is darker than my lashes to really show. I also don't like mascaras that clump easily or feel heavy on the eyes and I'm terrified of eyelash curlers - Dior makes the perfect mascaras for my needs. Each of their mascaras serve a different purpose:
  • I always put a base coat of the Diorshow MAXIMIZER to plump and protect my lashes (it's a white serum)
  • The Diorshow BLACKOUT is like kohl for the eyelashes and is unrivalled for smokey eyes. It gives the perfect shade of thick black and amazing volume
  • The Diorshow EXTASE is the one I use most for extra long, clump-free, voluminous lashes 
  • The Diorshow 360 is my least favourite because it has a rotating brush and spins on its own, to coat every single lash. I prefer to move the wand on my own
  • This season, Dior came out with the Diorshow ICONIC OVERCURL to curl lashes

The ICONIC OVERCURL might just be the PERFECT mascara! It has the exact same  feel as all the other Diowshow mascaras except that it gives UNBELIEVABLE curl! I put on one coat and my lashes were immediately upturned with the same effect as using a lash curler!  It is also extremely light on the eyes. It made such a difference that even my hubby asked me how come my eyes looked bigger haha! The secret is in the curved brush, modelled after eyelash curlers, that curls up the lashes while it coats.

The Iconic Overcurl comes in three shades: Over Black, Over Brun, and Over Blue and can be found at any Paris Gallery, Faces or Sephora in the U.A.E 

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