February 11, 2013

Gourmet Abu Dhabi Opening

Last Tuesday night, I went to the Gala Opening of Abu Dhabi Gourmet, a 16 day event where International Masterchefs from around the world host exceptional dinners and teach masterclasses.

The opening was held at the brand new Ritz Carlton Hotel and the ballroom was filled from end to end with 16 stands each serving the yummiest but strangest food. Each stand belonged to a hotel or restaurant in Abu Dhabi, and featured one of their resident chefs or visiting International Chefs. Sometime in the upcoming 2 weeks, these chefs will be cooking gourmet meals to which you can buy tickets. All I can say of the opening is that the food was utterly DIVINE and tasted incredible! 

All of the food that we ate was bite sized but full of flavour. The best part was that everything was so beautifully displayed in tiny containers or bite-sized plates. Lots of things were on sticks, push-up cups, in cones, and had condiments in little squirters for you to season your bites.  In one night, I managed to eat camel meat, quail eggs, shrimp, veal with truffles, meat, fish, venison, duck, fois gras, fois gras ice-cream, lobster, yellowtail ceviche, passion fruit bubbles, truffles galore, and a TON of dessert. It was definitely a night to remember, but not one I would repeat till next year when I've recovered! 

The weirdest thing I ate all night was quail egg cooked in nitrogen at -200 degrees celcius! It actually wasn't bad! (See pic on the left)

GOURMET ABU DHABI will be running from February 5 to 20 with various events, culinary promotions, demonstrations and themed dinners. If you have a real appreciation for food, love experimenting with your meals, or simply want to try dishes by Michelin Star Chefs, then I highly recommend you buy tickets. It's not everyday that Abu Dhabi offers something so amazing and different! Click HERE for tickets and more details


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