September 30, 2012

Peplums - Peplums Everywhere!

I was out in Dubai on Thursday night and it seemed like everywhere I turned, I found a girl wearing the Peplum trend! In peplum dresses, tops, or skirts, they all looked really slim around the waist and very cool! Flattering and fashion forward, it seems that Peplums can transform any outfit into feminine and flirty. I guess this trend is here to stay for Fall :)

Wearing this look isn't as easy as it seems. Here are some tips and a few of my favourite picks:

Peplum Jackets and Sweaters
Peplum jackets are a great way to wear this trend because they give an added 'oomph' to an outfit but don't bring attention to body imperfections (belly bulges, bums, etc)
* TIP Adding a thin belt at the start of the peplum above your belly button will make your waist look even smaller

Leather Elie Saab jacket 

10 Crosby Derek Lam sweater
Peplum Tops

The easiest way to wear this trend is with a top. 
* TIP Peplums bring attention to the waist so avoid showing your belly bulge by wearing a Peplum  that starts above your belly button and not lower down on your waist 
* TIP If you don't want to bring extra attention to a big chest, the lower and less frilly the pouf, the better
* TIP Anything below the pouf should be streamlined and straight to ensure you look the skinniest you can be:  skinny jeans, straight leg pants, pencil skirt, or a tight mini skirt are all great 
Tibi top

Leather trimmed Rebecca Taylor top

Tibi Eyelet top
M Missoni bustier top

Peplum Skirts
* TIP Don't wear a peplum skirt if you are bottom-heavy - it will just make your bum look bigger. Wear a Peplum top or dress instead
* TIP Pair it with a very simple top and let the skirt take all the attention

Lime lace peplum skirt by Topshop

Zara Skirt
Peplum Dresses
Peplum dresses need to be streamlined to flatter your body. You will look frumpy if the pouf is too large or frilly around the waist
* TIP The most flattering dresses are those with a frill on the sides of the dress and don't pouf out in the middle

I love how this dress only flares out a little on either side so you actually look slimmer

Keep it simple with this Rebecca Taylor dress

I love the print on this Tbags Los Angeles dress

Zara lace dress with leather peplum waist

Peplum Belts
Another great option is to wear a peplum belt to any streamlined, tight outfit to make it stand out. 
* TIP Put it high up near your belly button to cover a belly bulge or lower down on your waist to lengthen your torso

Etro leather belt

Zara pleather belt
Here are two great ways to wear the peplum trend: 

Source: via Carmen on Pinterest


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