September 8, 2012

Best Gourmet Burger in Abu Dhabi

Do you remember the last time you left a restaurant not only full, but entirely satisfied as well? Before yesterday, its been a long time since I've felt that way! Starving after the beach, we decided to go to Nolu's at Al Bandar in Abu Dhabi to have gourmet burgers. What a fabulous idea...

The burger menu stretches out over two pages where you can choose between 4 gourmet patties (angus beef, chicken, fish and vegetarian), up to 4 toppings from an extensive list, 2 dressings and cheese. The result is the most perfect burger entirely customized to your individual taste-buds. Add a side of fries or green salad to that and you're in heaven! 


If you have space for dessert, actually let me rephrase that, MAKE SPACE for the sticky date cake at the end- nothing I have ever had tastes as good as this dessert drizzled with hot toffee sauce (its ok you can run on the treadmill tomorrow!)... 

Visit or call 9712-557-9500 for more info


  1. In the short time being in Abu Dhabi you most definately right about Nolu's burgers they are the best and being back in South Africa I still have not found a burger that comes anywhere close to theirs... Miss you guys at Nolu's...Ulrich

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds the burgers amazing Ulrich! :)

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