September 17, 2012

My Office

My husband FINALLY got the internet in our apartment fixed so I don't need to sit at the entrance to write my blog anymore!! I'm so excited to be back in my office again that I would like to share it with you. It's my favourite room in the house- minimalistic, funky and has a very positive vibe. Enjoy! :)


A close up of my bookshelf. The books have been collected over many years and almost each item has its own unique story and was bought in a different country or was a gift. I made sure that only things with happy memories are on display

My whiteboard of inspiration and future blog topics


  1. thanks for having me at the top of your TO DO list! i like doing you as well heheheh
    it was lovely to have you at the clinic today and you know i always got your back...kissess

  2. What a great pun on words! I'm actually feeling SO much better already after you worked on me today :)


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