September 19, 2012

World's biggest Shoe Emporium at Dubai Mall

What does heaven look like to you? If you never really thought about it - visualize this: 96,000 sq ft of shoes, shoes and even more shoes! That's the largest space for footwear in the world

Taking over the space that used to be the Gold Souk at the Dubai Mall, the Level shoe District is going to house over 30,000 pairs of shoes from 250 low-end brands to high end-brands for both men and women. Basically, you are GUARANTEED to find a shoe that will fit your size, style, taste AND budget. Now isn't that amazing?!

The Level Shoe District will also house a Sole spa, a Fashion Cafe to rest your feet from all that shopping, a VIP suite, and The Cobbler where you can repair all your beautiful shoes.  

I can't wait till October for The Level to open!! :)


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