September 5, 2012


I've been writing about shopping way too much lately so I feel like travelling on my blog today- or how about WANDERING?!
Greece- simply breathtaking!

For our honeymoon last November, my husband and I waned to go to Brazil and Argentina, but we had no clue how to go about finding nice hotels or planning our route within South America. Added to that, no one speaks English in Brazil so we were lost. Luckily, we found Reem Shath who owns WhyWander , a boutique travel agency that books hotels, flights from the UAE, internal flights within the destination, guided tours, and agents that pick you up and drop you back to the airport.

My personal favourite perk of travelling with WhyWander is that Reem provides a comprehensive guide filled with restaurants, shopping, areas to visit, museums and so much more for each location visited based on places she has personally visited and tried. She will even pre-book a restaurant for you if it has a long waiting list.  She makes it so enjoyable to travel that my husband and I had the greatest honeymoon ever, despite alot of cancelled flights and bad weather (Why Wander rerouted all our flights and rebooked all our hotels for us without any added headache from our end). 

Every time my husband and I want to take a vacation now, we seek Reem's approval and opinion and ask for recommendations of where to eat, shop, stay, etc and she never disappoints. In Capri this summer she booked for us at a restaurant called Da Paolino - it was so yummy that it deserves its own blog post!

Here are a few pictures that WhyWander regularly post on their Facebook Page of destinations that their clients have been to. They all just make me want to get up and GO! 

Keep Wandering :)


Song Saa, Cambodia

Cayos Cochinos, Honduras

Looks like it came out of a scene of Lord of the Rings!


Kefalonia Greece


Here are a few pictures from the destinations we visited on our honeymoon:

Buzios, most beautiful place on earth

Even the Favellas (slums) in Rio De Janeiro are beautiful!

Rio De Janeiro

Iguazu Falls

To book your next unforgettable vacation, contact WhyWander at - you won't regret it! :)

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