September 24, 2012

Circle Cafe Abu Dhabi

This past Friday for brunch, I went to the newly-opened Circle Cafe at Raha Garden Plaza in Raha Gardens, Khalifa A. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people and families inside - usually new places in Abu Dhabi are empty and lack soul. This place couldn't be further from the Abu Dhabi norm! The cafe has a very cosy, neighbourhood vibe with friendly waiters who are genuinely happy to be there serving you. The furniture is very modern - mostly white with beautiful chandeliers and a library section where you can sit in one of the large brown armchairs with a cup of coffee and enjoy your time. 

Now onto the important part- the yummy food! We ordered quite a few things from the menu and one of the most prominent items that appears in most dishes are their bagels. They taste EXACTLY like New York bagels and are mouthwatering!  I also enjoyed reading the menu which resembles a 4-page newspaper with interesting articles alongside the extensive food choices. 

To top it all off, we enjoyed heavenly slices of cake from the beautiful display at the counter. Everything looked so good that we ordered three!!! 

My favourite was the carrot cake drizzled with hot creamy sauce

Circle Cafe is open from 8 am till 11 pm daily so you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even snacks and coffee at any time of the day. You'll probably find me there on an afternoon reading a book and enjoying more carrot cake :) 

How did you like Circle Cafe? What is your favourite menu item? 


  1. I agree, this place is DOPE. The vibe is cool, decor blows out any spot I've been in AD, and the food is excellent. My favorite dish is the lentil salad with zaatar. Even if you're a meat feign, this salad will change your life.

  2. I am your new follower here :D
    I like your blog


  3. Good review of my favorite restaurant! I certainly love Circle Café especially their turkey bagel and baby potatoes with parmesan! It's definitely a must try dish! I also hear great things about their Thai Green Curry, so I'm giving that a try next time. Has anyone already tried it? It really looks delicious. Here's the image from their website.


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