October 2, 2012

World's most expensive edible cupcake

Today I'm brining you a topic that I think is utterly ridiculous and simply TOO over the top - The world's most expensive EDIBLE cupcake at Bloomsbury's at the Dubai Mall. 

Dubbed "The Golden Phoenix", this cupcake is made from organic flour and butter from the UK, Premium Amedei Porcelena chocolate from Italy, gold Ugandan vanilla beans, organic strawberries, 23 carat edible gold sheets, and a ton of sprinkled gold powder. The masterpiece is then served on 24 carat gold stand. I think its a shame you can't take the stand home!

The cupcake costs $1,010 (AED 3,700), needs to be ordered 48 hours in advance, and takes about 5 minutes to eat. The best thing about this cupcake is that proceeds are going to charity so at least you can feel good about eating something so extravagant! 

Here is a video showing how The Golden Phoenix is made. Despite being way too over the top, it actually looks very yummy! 

Would you order the AED 3,700 Golden Phoenix?

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