October 21, 2012

Baking Bread at API CAE Gourmet

Remember how I said I don't (can't) cook? Well I decided to start taking cooking lessons and my first try was at API CAE Gourmet Deli in Khalidiya. Instead of learning something easy like pasta, I have high hopes for my culinary skills so I took an adult bread baking class. 

All the kinds of bread sold at API CAE... mouthwatering!

The class consists of learning the theory about bread and yeast and all the ingredients you need to make bread (this flew RIGHT over my head) and then a practical part where you learn how to measure out the dough, kneed it, mould it into buns and rolls and then bake it to take home. You learn something new each lesson and at the end, you are treated to a yummy four course meal. The best part about the lesson though is that a REAL Italian chef, Chef Mario, teaches it from A to Z and readily answers any questions you have about cooking. 

What dough looks like before it becomes bread - it is super sticky and elastic!!

We made rye rolls and sourdough burger buns topped with sesame 

We got a demonstration by another Italian chef (and very cute I might add!) how to make pizza dough and mould it into funky shapes. I must admit I felt very stupid that I found making a regular bun difficult!

 What my breads looked like baked and hot from the oven 

They even tasted really good! 

The five course meal after the cooking lesson consisted of: Skewered buffalo mozzarella and tomato, margherita pizza with tomatoes and olives, three pastas, chicken wrapped over beef bacon with cream sauce and mushrooms and to top it all off, cannellonis. My favourites were the pizza (YUMM) and the shrimp risotto. 

Would I bake bread alone at home? After my cooking lesson, I decided that its better not to at my level, its way too complicated! But I would definitely buy gourmet bread from API CAE or have it delivered to my house in the future. Also, their pizza is mouthwatering and I can't wait to have another slice! :)

API CAE Gourmet is located in Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi. They offer cooking classes for both adults and kids and One-On-One classes with Chef Mario. They can even cater your events at home or at work. Call 02- 666 8909 or visit www.apicae.com for more information. 

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