October 26, 2012

Brasserie Angelique

Last week, we went and tried Brasserie Angelique, the French Bistro at Etihad Towers. I had heard such great things from everyone who dined there and decided to go try it for myself. 


When I walked into the Brasserie, I was immediately transported to a restaurant in Paris. The decor is very French with its black and white parquet floors, ornate chandeliers and moulded ceilings. The restaurant is split into sections with each having different chairs, tables and chandeliers and I found that quite refreshing. It is also huge and was completely full the night we went even though it seats quite a lot of diners. For a restaurant in Abu Dhabi to be full must mean that it is really good!
The decor is very 'French' and the place is HUGE!

Now onto the important part, the food. The menu has a lot of typical French food that you would find at a Brasserie: moules, steak, french desserts etc Simply put, I loved everything we ordered even though the portions are very small and very - well, French! For example, the 180g steak could fit into my palm and we joked that the 180g is probably the total weight of the plate with the meat and the tiny bowl of mushroom sauce on the side. It was so delicious that I wiped my plate clean! The Tarte Tatin (Apple pie) was fabulous and tasted like it came directly from France.

The best part of the meal, however, was the Seafood platter that we ordered for our appetizer. I don't think I have EVER tried that dish at other restaurants and found it so un-fishy, appealing to the eyes, and generous in its portion. The lobster was deep orange and mouthwatering, the jumbo shrimps were super fresh and the oysters were delicious. I would definitely go back to Brasserie Angelique just to have that platter again :)

 We loved all of our food, especially the seafood platter appetizer. Everything was super fresh and none of the fish was 'fishy' at all.
Top Row across: Seafood platter, Lamb, Filet - Vertical Row: Creme Brulee, Tarte Tatin (yumm)

I have a thing for restaurant and hotel bathrooms -  If I like the food and decor of a place, I check out the washrooms. If they are similarly stunning, its a great place.
How stunning is this bathroom at Brasserie Angelique?!

I would certainly recommend anyone looking for a new dining experience in Abu Dhabi to try this restaurant. The only downsides are that it is quite pricey and some of the dishes have small portions. 

Brasserie Angelique is located at Jumeirah Etihad Towers in Abu-Dhabi. Tel: (02)811 5666

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