October 24, 2012


Hello Everyone,

I hope all your Eid plans are going ok and you are either ready to have a relaxing three days in the U.A.E or are busy packing for some destination :)

I recently put the READ MORE function into each of my posts, so you have to click on it to see the rest of the post and the pictures. Honestly, are you liking this new function and clicking on it? Or did you prefer the old way where the whole post is visible on the home page? 

Last night my husband was checking out my blog and I realized that he didn't notice the READ MORE button and so missed out on 3/4 of all my blog material! I need to know if that is happening to more of my readers. 

I really appreciate your feedback. I am trying to make your viewing experience as pleasurable as possible :) 

Thanks and Happy Eid! xx 

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