September 27, 2015

Mommy Support Groups

Last week, I saw an old friend at the supermarket. She was pushing around a beautiful, cheerful 7 month old baby boy in his stroller and looked the picture of a put - together, happy mom. The first thing she told me however was, "It's SO hard! - I'm so tired!!". And I said, "I know- and the problem is that even if you rest tonight it's the same thing tomorrow, the next day, and the day after that!" 

Being a parent is not only a full time job. It's a never ending, all-consuming job that goes on day after day. There is no OFF button. You can never quit! While it has its perks, it is the most difficult thing that you will ever do! It isn't the picture that is painted for us in movies and by celebrities that bounce back with stunning figures and big smiles merely weeks after giving birth. 

In my experience, what helps me through the difficult times are Mommy Support Groups made of regular, everyday moms who are going through all the same things that I go through. They make me feel not so alone and hopeless. Especially during that first year where you really have NO CLUE. 

Poop, Sleep & Tears is a group of moms on Facebook made up of pregnant women, new moms and veteran moms. It gives an insight into the actual reality of what things look like from the inside.

The Group's name is genius in my opinion! It explains the first year of having a baby in a nutshell. Lots of poop, no sleep and tons of tears - both by the baby AND the parents! The group is made up of real moms who struggle with the everyday problems of having kids. It is mainly a board where they can post their questions and concerns and I am super impressed by the responses that they get. Everyone wants to share their valuable experience and knowledge. 

Here you can find helpful answers to topics like where to find a baby sitter, what to feed your babies and toddlers who refuse to eat, what kinds of bottles are the best, etc. 

Are there any online Mommy Support Groups that you love??

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