September 16, 2015

Barbie by Sophia Webster

Remember when we used to play with our Barbies, dress them up, style their hair and pretend we were dating hunky Ken? They belonged in a pretend world that brought smiles to our faces and endless imagination. Did you ever wish you WERE Barbie? Well this season, Sophia Webster has brought us a collection that will put us in Barbie's shoes. Literally!

I never realized that until now Barbie ONLY ever wore heels or wedges! Talk about high maintenance. Her creator Mattel has decided that this Fall Barbie will finally join our more laid back generation and own a pair of flats. They called on Sophia Webster for a capsule collection comprised of 9 styles : 6 for us women and 3 for mini me little girls. Isn't that cute?! 

Check out the very pink and oh so girly collection: 

Go ahead, embrace the young girl in you who used to love Barbies, and don't forget to buy a mini version for your precious little girl :)

Barbie by Sophia Webster is sold at Sophia,, and at the Level Shoe District at Dubai Mall 

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