September 14, 2015

Back to School Backpacks

As a kid, the most EXCITING part about going back to school was buying a new backpack. We would usually be on summer vacation somewhere in Europe and my mom would take us shopping to choose our bags, pencil cases, books, and lunch boxes. It made starting a new year all that more fun! I couldn't wait to show all my friends my bag and accessories on the first day of school. 

While I know that this post is slightly late seeing that your children have mostly already started school - here are some of my favourite backpacks for the moms who don't love the choices that they made :)

I hope your kids are not crying TOO much in their first weeks at school and are enjoying themselves!

I love anything personalized!
These Spatz bags have dual zippers, two compartments & a bottle holder

I'm obsessed with this brand - SKIP HOP
These bags are perfect for pre-schoolers and each design
 has the matching everything (cups, bottles, forks, knives, etc)
(Mothercare stocks a nice selection)

The Forget Me Not bag from Skip Hop
Say goodbye to forgotten lunch boxes!
It has a see-through compartment at the top so your child can see 
if his/her matching lunchbox is inside- Brilliant :)

These Green Sprouts backpacks are super cute for pre-schoolers
My son has the alligator one and we use it for his toys and snacks
(You can find them at the Nest store at Abu Dhabi mall)

This Paul Smith Junior nylon bag will have all of your 
little man's friends asking where its from!
It's Super unique and Super cool

Happy Shopping!! 


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