March 5, 2014

Supermarket Chic at the Chanel show

Karl Lagerfeld is known for staging some of the coolest runway shows each season. They are never simple and always leave an impression for all of us to talk about for days afterwards! For the Autumn/winter 2014 collection in Paris yesterday, he transformed the runway into a CHANEL SUPERMARKET! Complete with Chanel groceries and trolleys. What a way to glamorize an everyday concept and make it oh so chic! How I wish I was there :(

Karl Lagerfeld created a supermarket where everything was CHANEL-ized

The Chanel supermarket was fully stocked with Chanel products
Clockwise from top Left: Chanel sweets, Doormats, water, and a huge Cheese section

An appetizing fresh vegetable stand, Chanel Spaghetti, chic rubber gloves and Chanel Eggs

As they walked down the runway, the models shopped the isles in super cool trainers 

The It bag of next season?
Tweed and chain mini shopping baskets of course!

Anna Dello Russo preparing to shop the isles

How can we ever shop in a regular supermarket from now on?!

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