March 16, 2014

Baby Closet Dividers

My Small Obsessions used to be about all things Fashion, Food, Travel and Beauty. Now that I am expecting a baby, I decided that my blog should evolve with me as I change and grow so I am adding a Baby Section. It will include all cute things related to children that I come across. I know that a lot of my readers are also fashionista moms so I hope that you like this new addition to my blog :)

I have recently started preparing for my baby boy who is due in two months. Being fashion obsessed, the first thing I have started buying is baby clothes. Mostly impractical ones, instead of pyjamas and onesies that he will spend his first few months in. But that's a whole other issue altogether! :) 

Now that I have quite a few outfits, I am realizing that they are very difficult to organize. The 0-3 months are almost the same size as the 6 months with only a few cm difference. The ONLY way to differentiate between baby clothes is to open them up and re-fold them into a pile in the closet. That takes up TONS of time folding, checking, and re-folding.

I found these closet organizers on Etsy today and found them to be perfect for organizing babies closets. Instead of folding all their clothes, hang them according to size. Many different vendors sell different designs so all you need to do is choose the design that best matches the theme of your baby's room.

Here are a few other options that I liked
These are no longer available by the vendor but if you can find someone to make them for you, they are ADORABLE!


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