September 21, 2013

Koi Restaurant at the St Regis Saadiyat - A Review

It's always exciting when a new and Fabulous restaurant opens in Abu Dhabi. The newest one is Koi Restaurant, a Japanese fusion franchise straight from Los Angeles. It is located at the St Regis Hotel in Saadiyat Island and is a definite MUST GO! For once, I found a restaurant with good food that was PACKED and had a very fun and vibrant vibe. In Abu dhabi! There was not one empty seat in the place. Now that's quite impressive :)

The decor of the restaurant is very modern Japanese with wooden walls and floors, a full-grass wall separating the bar area from the restaurant, a sushi bar, and really cool ceilings and columns. While the atmosphere is quite serene, the blaring music gives the restaurant a great ambiance. 

The Lounge area was just as full as the restaurant with a lit bar along one wall and low tables.
Quite a few of the people were having dinner here as well as drinks

Now onto the important part ... THE FOOD!!

The starters are absolutely mouthwatering & are made to share!
Clockwise from top left: Salmon with truffles, Yellowtail with jalapenos, spinach & mushroom salad, seaweed salad (Yum!)

My favourite dishes were the sticky rice with spicy tuna, grilled eggplant & lobster tacos 
The Lobster Tacos are so good you won't want to share! 

Unfortunately, the sushi menu is very basic with the simplest of options
Everything we ordered had no taste - The salmon, tuna, crab & yellowtail all tasted bland

To make up for the bland sushi, we over-ordered dessert!
Clockwise from top left: Ice cream sundae, creme bruler, chocolate sauce & brownies, fresh Mochi ice cream.
Everything was delicious with the Mochi being my favourite!

I absolutely loved KOI and highly recommend that you have dinner there! While the sushi isn't so great, the starters are yummy and the vibe is very Dubai-like. It is nice to find a new restaurant in Abu Dhabi which isn't deserted for a change! 
There is a very extensive main dishes menu which looked appetizing. I am definitely trying it next time! :)

The restaurant is PACKED so make sure you book! 
02- 678 3334 

Have you tried KOI at the St Regis?

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