September 25, 2013

It's ALL about Pearls!

Pearls on the Lanvin Runway

Remember how our grandmothers and mothers used to wear pearls? A short string around their neck with perhaps a pearl in each ear. Tres Chic! Then Karl Lagerfeld updated the look and made wearing long chains of pearls with the Chanel logo the IT item to wear for years. This season, pearls have gotten another revamp and have been mixed with different metals and beads to look more Punk than Chic.  I think I like them more this way! They are more fun!

Grunge Pearl Bracelet on the Saint Laurent Runway 

There isn't one particular length that is IN so wear which ever suits you best :)

Here are a few of my favourite picks:

This one is on sale :)

I couldn't believe this is ZARA, it looks SO MUCH MORE!

This necklace is quite busy but is an amazing statement piece to spice up an outfit

DOLCE & GABBANA Faux Pearl Earrings (Link)

TOM BINNS Twisted Pearl Necklace (Link) 

FOREVER BY FALLON Twisted Collar Necklace (Link)

COAST Tanya Necklace (Link)
This is a steal at AED 240 ($65)!!

Will you be wearing Grunge-y Pearls this Fall??

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  1. LOVE the Kate Spade necklace that you showcased.
    Despite selling pearl items in my boutique I'm not a huge pearl fan and in fact I don't think I own anything with pearls :-(


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