September 29, 2013

Butter Cookies - the MOST delicious cookies EVER

For the past few months, my Instagram Account (@MySmallObsessions) has been flooded with pictures of delicious cookies from Butter Dessert Salon. Every single tag line is something along the lines of 'YUM', 'DELICIOUS', 'OMG' etc. I decided that I absolutely HAD to try them and share my review with you :)

I contacted the owner Fatma (a lovely person btw!) and ordered a box of cookies. I swear, I have never tasted a more DELICIOUS cookie! She sent me their Nutella Sea Salt Cookie which is filled with real gooey nutella and sprinkled in salt to offbeat the sweat Nutella taste. The result is pure PERFECTION! I shared the box with a few of my chocoholic friends and we ALL had the same expression on our faces!

This cookie dosen't only look good, it tastes DIVINE!

If you love Nutella, you simply MUST try these cookies! And then secretly thank me when your mouth is full and you are thinking 'OMG I'm in Heaven!!!'

Butter Dessert Salon is located in Dubai and all orders are delivered. They only deliver to Dubai. 
Email or call 04-2038513 for orders.


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