October 27, 2013

Outfit Ideas for IRIS at Formula 1

There is a new venue for Formula 1 this year - IRIS from Beirut has officially opened its doors and will be the coolest party destination in town! If you had a blast there last year, I can guarantee this year will be EVEN BETTER with their permanent location on Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi. The venue is bigger, the music is better, and the vibe will be Fabulous. Problem is, what do you wear to such an amazing party that starts in the afternoon and ends at night?? Here are some outfit ideas with tons of tips for both the ladies AND the men! 

LOOK 1: VA VA VOOM While you keep Cool 
VALENTINO Va Va Voom Shoulder bag (Link)
(It's going to be a long day so a bag that sits on your shoulder or a cross body bag is a lot more comfy than a clutch/tote)
ASH Suede and Canvas Wedges (Link)
(Wear comfy shoes that will take you from the race, to IRIS, to the concerts, to the afterparties)

SASS & BIDE Crepe Jumpsuit (Link)
(This is light and will keep you cool all day)
ASOS Grecian crown Headband (Link)
(The trick to this look is in the accessories - the more decadent, the more formal you will look)
GORJANA Python Cuff (Link)
REED KRAKOFF Mini Raffia Shoulder bag (Link)
JIMMY CHOO Wedge Sandals (Link)

GUCCI Cotton Polo Tshirt (Link)
(I love the collar on this polo)
LANVIN Slimfit Cotton Trousers (Link)
MINSAI Leather & Meral Anchor Bracelet (Link)
MULBERRY Woven Leather Belt (Link)
(Woven belts are ALOT less formal than rigid leather ones, and are great for casual looks)
ZARA Straw hat (Link)
Y3 trainers (Link)
(The trick to wearing trainers yet not looking too informal is to make sure that the heel is not white. White men's sneakers belong in the gym, not at a lounge)

What will YOU be wearing to IRIS at F1 this Year??

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  1. Cotton polo T-shirt is nice ,it seems simple but looks so stylish!]]



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