October 12, 2013

Buy/Sell your clothes on Garderobe.ae

We women always want the NEWEST, the BEST, and the most TRENDING items! We end up with closets FILLED with clothes that mostly go out of style, shoes we forget we even own, and bags that are 'OMG, SO last year!'. Then while trying to look for something to wear, somehow we can't find anything! Sound familiar??

I was very happy to discover Garderobe.ae (Link) - a store in Dubai where shoppers can find TREASURES at a fraction of the price, and where sellers can sell their lightly used items.  The place is a real GEM - you can find Chanel bags at half their original price and Lanvin fur stoles at like 70% off. Best of all, you can make money from all that stuff sitting in your closet collecting dust! 

Here are a few of the items I liked on the site:

Original Price: AED 3,000
Garderobe Price: AED 806

Original Price: AED 9,982
Garderobe Price: AED 2,000

CHANEL Leather Bag (Link)
Original Price: AED 9,000
Garderobe Price: AED 4,000 

Original Price: AED 11,600
Garderobe Price: AED 8,000 

Original Price: AED 91,745
Garderobe Price: AED 4,525 

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