August 19, 2012

Neon Satchels EVERYWHERE!

So first my sister arrives from Canada with a yellow neon satchel hanging at her side which I fell in love with. Then I travelled to Mykonos and every other girl was carrying one in every color imaginable, depending on her outfit. Now, I'm in France and they are EVERYWHERE!!! How did I miss out on this trend that is taking the world over by storm? It seems the satchel was the unofficial IT bag of the summer season. Luckily for those of us who missed out, it also seems the IT bag for the next fall season to come...

Girl on the street carrying a pink satchel

The Cambridge Satchel Company is the mastermind behind these iconic satchels but I found a Middle Eastern company, Beirut Satchel, selling very similar bags in Beirut and online... Very well priced, these bags are fun and easy to carry and are a great accessory to any outfit.  I'm Obsessed!!! 

All the colors sold by Beirut Satchel. Bags are available in 9", 11" and 14"
Inside the satchel, it is very practical with 2 wide pockets

Winter  Colors of the Satchel

Beirut Satchels are available for sale in Beirut at Cream in Saifi Village or at Kulte in Verdun. They are also sold online at 

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