August 26, 2012

Carpe Diem

I've been feeling a bit down lately because its almost the end of my summer vacation :( From the sunny skies and beautiful breezy weather of the South of France to the icky, hazy and boring sauna that is Abu Dhabi. But today, I looked outside and decided to really SEIZE THE DAY. I sat by the pool, soaked up some sunshine and read 100 pages of the book Eclipse from the Twlight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. I created a playlist in Youtube and managed to completely turn my mood around (and no shopping was involved)!

These were my surroundings- clear blue skies, deep blue sea in the horizon and a beautiful breeze (its not hard to see why I immediately relaxed!)

My sun creams and sprays bag

What I wore

Salad Nicoise: What me (and the bees) ate

After four hours in the sun, I am more relaxed, beautifully glowing and tanned, happy and at peace. I think we should all Seize the Day every once in a while :) 

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