November 9, 2013

Women love their burgers!

Today I have a light topic that I find very interesting :) Women in Japan don't usually like to eat big burgers in public because you have to open your mouth wide to take a bite. Let's start from the beginning:

Traditional way of putting lipstick to make mouths look smaller

In ancient times, Japanese women wearing traditional dress used to paint only the middle of their lips with lipstick to give the illusion that they have small mouths. This made them more attractive to men. This tradition has carried on until today - women in Japan cover their mouths when laughing too loud and usually when taking big bites. Until NOW...

(Source: Foodbeast)

A clever Japanese fast food Burger Chain, Freshness Burger, noticed that sales of their juiciest burger was only popular among men. So they created The Liberation Wrapper. Placing it in front of a burger allows women to open their mouths wide and enjoy the Classic Burger while appearing to have their mouths closed to the person sitting across from them! The invention was such a success that the chain's sales of Classic Burgers to female customers increased by 213% in one month!!!

For more details, WATCH MORE Here

I used to think that women only went to great lengths when it came to fashion - It seems we also go to great lengths to enjoy a good meal as well :)

What do you think of the Liberation Wrapper?

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